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Turbo Automatic Hose

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Turbo Automatic Hose

Turbo Automatic Hose is a completely automated car washing machine -- there is no hose to lug around. The car is sprayed automatically as Turbo moves along its track. This allows the operator to scrub the car before Turbo automatically returns to rinse and dispense a drying agent. Wash time is automatically set to keep the wash line moving and ensure exceptional results.

How it works

1. Man starts washing here. There is no hose to lug around giving the operator two hands two work with.

2. As Turbo Automatic Hose moves ahead, operator follows, soaping car and scrubbing dirt.

3. Still setting the pace, Turbo Automatic Hose continues ahead automatically pre-wetting the car.

4. Turbo Automatic Hose continues ahead toward rising cycle, with operator following -- car is wet, man is dry.

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